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The Platform Professionals group was formed to provide meeting planners with dependable, seasoned speakers who have the same overriding philosophy: that of offering clean, original humor and the highest quality entertainment with a tailored message for each corporation, association, university, or other organization. This unique networking organization provides you, the meeting planner, with the assurance that if you like one of us, you will surely like all of us. Each month, we communicate within the group – usually by e-mail – giving each other a look at what we’ve done that month and where another Platform Professional might serve a client at an upcoming event.

After we have finished an engagement, we often ask the meeting professional, “What kind of get-together do you have upcoming? Might one of our members be right for that group?” We frequently say we are very alike and at the same time very different! All of us use humor and original stories to convey our message, but each of us has a unique approach and a unique set of presenting skills. Our goal is always the same: completely take the guesswork out of choosing an individual to open your meeting, close your convention, or leave banquet attendees dobbing their eyes from stories that touch them – or almost make them fall off their chairs laughing.

All seven members have earned the designation Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association and have been inducted into the Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame. Three have served as president of the National Speakers Association and four (including emeritus member Doc Blakely of Texas) have been presented the Cavett Award, the highest honor in their profession.

The Platform Professionals come from diverse backgrounds…small towns and large…private business and higher education…performing on stage since childhood and coming into the business after distinguished roles in other organizations. Some are best suited for after-meal speeches…some do longer-form programs that teach as well as entertain. In truth, it is this diversity that makes the Platform Professionals a frequent and valued choice for conventions, annual meetings, executive retreats, and corporate get-togethers.

Above all, they are what their name implies: Platform Professionals.back to top


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